[Samba] Samba Trusts Relationship - Users map

Eduardo Sousa eduardo.sousa at superig.com.br
Sun Dec 4 23:00:33 GMT 2005


I am studying about the Samba servers and I am with a doubt.

I have achieved to configure the trust relationship between two servers, althought I could only log users that would exist in those two domains (trusting and thrusted).

Observing the logs I have noticed that Samba could not authenticate the users that were not common, because it could not create a users locally.

Using the chmod a+s at the archive /usr/sbin/useradd I could make that the user could be created normally.

My doubts are:

- Why is there the need to create the user in the local domain?

- Is there any other way I could get to authenticate such users without having to create them using root (chmod a+s useradd)?

I am thankful in advance.


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