[Samba] Any downsides to using MS Services for Unix NIS server?

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Other than NIS is extremely insecure, and anyone concerned with security
would not use it.  If you are using SFU, just use LDAP/Kerberos instead
of NIS.  You'll get the same results, but with more security.

You don't have to use IDMAP to have GID/UID based on SID.  You can
manually enter it yourself as per design you're your network.  Also
check out PADL NSS/PAM modules.  There's also I think some scripts for
automating migration from NIS to LDAP.

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I have both an AD domain and an existing NIS setup, and would like
to merge the accounts. It would seem from reading the help files
that installing Services for Unix on my domain controllers and using
the AD-integrated NIS server would work well. I wouldn't need to use
winbind, and I would have not only consistent but predictable ID
mapping, ie I can ensure that INTERNAL\jhatfield maps to UID 115,
which is what it is on the existing NIS server.

Are there any downsides to doing this - it seems much simpler than
deploying winbind that I feel there must be a catch!
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