[Samba] Saving files with MS Word to samba3 server is very slow!

Andreas Haumer andreas at xss.co.at
Sat Dec 3 12:12:35 GMT 2005

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Hi Jeremy,

thanks for your reply!

Jeremy Allison schrieb:
> On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 09:39:10AM +0100, Andreas Haumer wrote:
>>Here you can see the "receive_message_or_smb: select with timeout of [0.949586]"
>>message. The whole pattern repeats 19 times when saving an empty Word file.
>>If I set "share modes = no" for the smaba share in question, saving the
>>Word file is completed almost instantly! But this is IMHO not a real solution
>>as I think we can not live without this feature.
>>Does this ring a bell? Anyone?
> You're getting share mode violations - thus the opens are being deferred
> for 1 second (as CIFS requires). 

Yes, so the question is: why does the SHARING_VIOLATION error occur
in the first place?

Looking at the samba logs it is clear that MS Word does a whole lot of
actions when saving a file. The way it executes these actions IMHO might
trigger a problem with Samba3

> What exact client version, what exact version of Word are you using ?
The problem occurs with the following combination:
* Client OS: Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP6a (WinNT 4.00.1381)
* Application: MS Word 2002 SP3
* Server: Samba 3.0.20b under Linux (kernel 2.4.31)
          Samba 3.0.7 under HP-UX 11.11

If I use Samba 2 on the server side, the problem does not occur.

It also works well if I use:
* Client OS: Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP6a
* Application: Word 97
* Server: Samba 3.0.20b under Linux (kernel 2.4.31)

* Client OS: Windows XP professional
* Application: Word 2002 SP3
* Server: Samba 3.0.20b under Linux (kernel 2.4.31)

I have not tested other combinations of software versions
as the ones listed above.

- - andreas

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