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Sat Dec 3 03:37:39 GMT 2005

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd ask again and maybe someone knows the answer..
How come I can read/write to files on a share with any user, but the 
"Normal" attribute can only be set by the owner of the file.
Is this by design or am I not setting the right configuration? How is 
the "Normal" attribute being handled in Samba?

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Subject: 	[Samba] Problem with setting Normal attribute for a file owned 
by another user
Date: 	Wed, 30 Nov 2005 13:16:07 -0600
From: 	Oleg Starshinov <olegstarshinov at ameritech.net>
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Hi Everyone,
We have a Samba 3.0.20b server running in a multi-user environment.
There is a "serveruser" username that does batch processing on the files 
using VB.NET code.
There are many other regular users: "user1", "user2", etc...
They are all part of the "users" group
If "user1" opens up a file in Excel, it changes the ownership on the 
file and permissions to:
  User - rwe
  Group - rw-
  Other - ---

The default setting is:
  User - rwe
  Group - rwe
  Other - ---

I can live with the change of the permissions, but it also changes the 
ownership from "serveruser" to "user1".

As part of my code, the server applies a "Normal" attribute to the files 
once it is done copying them.
It works fine when the "serveruser" is the owner of the file, but when 
someone else owns the file an exception is raised.
This is the line of code: File.SetAttributes(myFile.FullName, 
I can open and save the files with any user name, but the setting of the 
attribute is only allowed if I own the file.
Is this by design or am I missing something?

As a workaround I included this line in the conf file:
force user = serveruser
I would rather have the last user that saved the file to be registered 
as the owner.

Here is the conf file relating to that share:
  writeable = yes
  path = /data
  force user = serveruser
  write list = @users
  force directory mode = 2775
  force group = users
  valid users = user1,user2,serveruser, at users
  create mode = 0771
  directory mode = 2775

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