[Samba] Problem Access Linux Folder From win2000 !!

Ronny Widjaja widjaja31 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 03:23:15 GMT 2005

hello ..... 
I try to access my SUSE Linux Folder ( /data ) from my win2000. I use Samba at my Linux. i already make my smb.conf just like this one :

 workgroup = SMARTGROUP
 netbios name = linux
 security = share

 comment = data
 path = /data
 guest ok = yes
 read only = no

when i look at my network place in my win2000, there is one workgroup name SMARTGROUP. In that groups i have 2 computer names, they are : server2000 ( my win2000 have same workgroup's name ) and linux ( my suse linux ). 

But when i try to open my Linux, it always said "\\LINUX network path not found" .... I already try it for 2 days and still don't know what is the problem and how to solve this problem. 

for Note. In my win2000 i already install TCP/IP protocol, ipx/spx and netbeui protocol.

I hope someone could help me !!!

Thanx and Best Regards
Ronny Widjaja

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