[Samba] file shown as open

"Raúl D. Pittí Palma" rdpitti at globaltecsa.com
Fri Dec 2 22:38:14 GMT 2005

I migrate a server from smba2 to samba3.  I am using version 3.0.20b.
the prolem is the following.
user A run a program,  that program use a flat file database.
user A close the program,   but the flat file db and some other files 
showns in smbstatus as open.
oplocks for the flat file extension (.DAT AND .TPS) are disabled.  tHE 
software is made on clarion for windows.

the server running samba 2.2 seems to release the file almost inmediately.
any ideas ???

Raúl D. Pittí Palma
Global Engineering and Technologies
mobile (507)-6616-0194
office (507)-264-2362
Republic of Panama

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