[Samba] Samba LDAP Tools and mkntpwd

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Fri Dec 2 20:53:15 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 15:43 -0500, Collins, Kevin wrote:
> I'm in the middle of Samba 3.0.9 ==> 3.0.14a migration testing.  Because I'm using newer tools, I am also using a newer verions of the Samba LDAP Tools.
> My older version, 0.8.4, used the 'mkntpwd' utility to generate NT passwords.  The new version, 0.9.1 defaults to using (what looks like) a Perl module called Crypt::SmbHash.
> My questions: Do I need to continue to use mkntpwd?  Will I need to reset all the passwords for my users if I move to Crypt::SmbHash?  Or will it "just work" if I leave the defaults alone?
I think that an smb hashed password is going to be an smb hashed
password regardless of the tool used to create it. Otherwise, how could
the Windows user log in?


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