[Samba] security=server, port 445 and winnt

Bryan K. Wright bryan at ayesha.phys.Virginia.EDU
Fri Dec 2 20:17:25 GMT 2005

Hi folks,

	I'm running several samba servers that use "security=
server" and "password server" to point authentications to a
WinNT pdc.  Snooping at the network traffic, I find that 
the samba server initially tries to connect to the WinNT
server through port 445 (which fails), then reverts to 139
(which succeeds).  I know it's possible to use the
"samba ports" parameter to control which ports the samba
server listens on, but this seems to have no effect on which
ports are used to talk to the password server.

	I'd like to tell the samba server not to try port
445, since the failover seems to add a few seconds to the
time necessary for clients to establish a connection to the
samba server.

	Any ideas?  BTW, the samba version is 3.0.20.

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