[Samba] Problem migrating share acls

James Watkins misterwatto at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 12:35:36 GMT 2005

Hi list, I'm having a problem migrating share acls from an NT4 BDC to a 
samba domain member server. I can migrate the shares and the files and 
folders (with acls) but if I do a 'migrate security' I get a list of the 
acls that it is proposing to transfer and then WERR_ACCESS_DENIED.
I have fs acl support, tested with setfacl and I've tried connecting as 
a variety of users (including root).  Is it possible to get a more 
specific error message, maybe I need to give my connecting user write 
acces to my smb.conf or perhaps the share_info.tdb (both of which I've 
tried) or maybe some other file that I don't know about.
I'm quite baffled so any ideas would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,


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