[Samba] Bug? (Or bug in du?)

ystm101 at fastmail.fm ystm101 at fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 30 01:56:29 GMT 2005

Just wondering if this is a bug...

If I use the Linux 'du' command on a mounted samba share the reported
disc usage is way off (though it seems to report bytes ok with the -b
flag).  Eg. it reports 1.3T of data instead of 2.7G.  Maybe it's a du

10:13 AM: du -sxh *
1.3T    flac
458G    mp3

10:13 AM: du -sxm *
1337366 flac
468124  mp3

10:13 AM: du -sxb *
2735172988      flac
956832538       mp3

When logged in to the server by ssh, usage is reported correctly:

fileserver:/mnt/hda8/ripped# du -sxh *
2.6G    flac
915M    mp3

Both client and server are running Debian testing.

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