[Samba] installation error while installing through rpm

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Fri Apr 29 17:09:24 GMT 2005

>I am trying to install samba-3.0.14a on RHL 9.
>I had installed samba-2.2.7a earlier which I tried to remove before
>installing samba-3.0.14a through rpm.
>I got the following error message. If anybody can help me please reply
>        file /etc/rc.d/init.d/winbind from install of samba-3.0.14a-1
>conflicts with file from package samba-common-2.2.7a-6
<big snip>
Notice here how it says that you are conflicting with package 
samba-common-2.2.7a-6.  Samba generally comes in 4 parts on RH/Fedora 
systems, those being:

You must remove all of these prior to starting, or upgrade all four in 
the same rpm statement.

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