[Samba] encoding a ntlm-hash from cleartext passwords with java

"M. Müller" malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Fri Apr 29 15:42:52 GMT 2005

i am writing a tiny application which generates new accounts from an 
existent department's database. This is a school and i have to create 
several hundred accounts per year, so i think it's worth the effort.
As i write this app in Java (I just happen to be best in Java not C or 
Perl), i would like to do as much as possible in Java without invoking 
external scripts. Alas i do not know how to generate the NTLM-hashes 
from cleartext passwords. I didn't find a solution in the jCIFS project 
- did i overlook something?
Maybe i should port the routines from Samba sources to java which should 
not be too difficult (I assume there are no system dependend parts) - 
any hints where to look? smbpasswd.c?
At the end i would like to have an ldap-entry with all relevant 
attributes so that i do not have to invoke smbpasswd et al.

Thanks a lot for any help or comments,
Malte Mueller
(who can not attend the sambaXP this year, sadly)

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