[Samba] New list user, couple of questions and looking for existi ng examples

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Apr 29 00:41:00 GMT 2005

Chuck Campbell wrote:
> I'm a new list subscriber with a couple of questions:
> I have a few objectives with samba that I think can be accomplished. 
> If I am wrong, someone please indicate my errors before I go a long 
> way down a dead end path.
> I need to put all of my PC users home directories onto a samba share 
> so centralized backups can be done to capture email, docs, etc.
> These are all WinXP Pro boxes.  We use a work-group, and not a
> windows domain.   

Read the first few chapters of this:

Download the book in pdf ( there are links if you look on the main samba
site under a heading called "LEARN SAMBA")

Or preferably work you way through the first few chapters, note down exactly
what you can't figure out, email jht at samba.org so that he can make the docs
better, then when the most recent version of the book is released onto the
bookshelves BUY IT, (fyi for 1 years full work, john has only made $11K US
on this book, which is just depressing.)  Like a lot of people on this list
I wouldn't be attempting to use Samba without documentaion as good as this.
John needs more support, not just whinging about the docs

> I need to ensure that those users files are accessible by only those 
> users.
> It appears that this means I need each user to have a Linux user 
> account on the samba server.  Is this correct?
> I need some groups of users to have a shared pool of r/w files, that 
> other
> group(s) cannot access.  I assume this requires using Linux group, 
> correct?
> Do my above re1uirements mean I need to learn about and implement 
> LDAP, or is there a simpler solution?

Unless you have distributed offices/ large numbers of users, you can get by
quite nicely with a tdbsam

> None of the printers and plotters is on a Linux box, they are all 
> attached to WinXP machines.  I believe I can still use Linux/samba as 
> a print server in some fashion??

Read the guide, read the guide, read the guide.

> Is there a general "examples of ..." available, besides the samba FAQ?


> Is there a search-able list archive (if so, where)?

I think there were instructions included with your welcome to the list email
message about how to use google to search the archives.

Also under the heading TALK SAMBA you should have seen the sub heading
ARCHIVES if you had clicked on that link you would have found this on that
page:  "Search the Lists

    Inportant: Currently the Samba mailing list archives hosted here on
samba.org do not support searching.

    However, you can access a searchable copy of the archives at
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/, groups.google.com, and mail-archive.com."

> thanks in advance,
> -chuck

We all start with baby steps.....

Regards Geoff Scott

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