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David_Dean at bcbst.com David_Dean at bcbst.com
Thu Apr 28 16:47:23 GMT 2005

We are experiencing this same issue at BlueCross; same versions as well.

We have a Samba server connecting to a Windows 2000 Domain controller for
 authentication purposes using windbind. We have had a couple of network
 outages recently and the other servers, which are Windows 2000 member
 servers seem to resume normal authenication when the network returns, but
 the Samba server does not recover until samba is restarted. We have had 
 problem when the domain server was down for maintainence, so it is not
 specifically related it the network interface going down.

 Is this behaviour limitation of samba, or is there an option I can set to
 continue retrying, or is it a bug? Is there a workaround? Any information
 would be useful. We are using Samba 3.0.11 suse 9.0 packages from 
 Please find at the bottom of the email the last few log entries in case it
 is of some use.

 Thanks in advance,


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