[Samba] Mirrored samba servers.

Richmond Dyes rdyes at monroehosp.org
Thu Apr 28 13:44:26 GMT 2005

Paul Gienger wrote:

>> I have a customer that is using 250 gig drives for his business 
>> data.  I have been using rsync to keep mirror copies of his data on a 
>> second machine.  In the last 3 months I have lost 2 of four drives, 
>> the last one being the system drive.  I have been doing a manual 
>> switchover. Each time rsync runs, I copy my samba conf files, passwd, 
>> shadow and group files from etc.  Has anyone setup a HA configuration 
>> for samba servers on separate machines. If so, where can I get 
>> information for this kind of setup?
> This isn't going to answer your question, but...
> I'm curious... has your client heard of RAID?  It sounds like you 
> would be well served with a simple set of mirrored drives.
The problem is he has an ata system.  If we went with a raid, we would 
want a 0,1 raid. striped with mirroring and I can't find a raid ata card 
to do that.

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