[Samba] Roaming Profiles Support: Is it working correctly?

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu Apr 28 11:49:51 GMT 2005

tor, 28.04.2005 kl. 11.45 skrev Dirk.Laurenz at fujitsu-siemens.com:

> i have the following Problem with a Samba Server 3.0.9
> If an Windows XP SP2 client saves it profile back to the server and
> the profile directory does not exist, windows will create it.
> It users the following permissions:
> 	- user:		rwx
> 	- primary group:	 wx
> And that's the problem, logging off and on prevents windows from reading the
> saved profile, although the user has full access rights, his primary group has none
> and windows stops reading the profile. If you manually change it to rwx for the
> primary group, windows is able to read it's profile perfectly.
> The question is now, how to get windows creating it's profile correctly!

Don't; have a root prexec script create the profile dir and chmod it at
the user's first logon. Same with his home directory, etc.


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