[Samba] Winbind can't differ "ramifications" in a Active Directory "forest"

Henrique Machado henrique.cicuto at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 19:57:22 GMT 2005

This has really been a problem to me.
I'm currently working in an AD forest with about 12 ramifications, all
of them with at least 2 DC (some of them have more).
The problem is: although I did set my local DC's in "password server",
in the smb.conf, after I start the winbindd daemon, my linux client
starts comunicating with all DC's over the "forest". wbinfo -t, -g, -u
and so on... they all take an average of 20 minutes to give me the
answer (although they do give me the right answers). I can't manage to
login either because of timeout, most probably.

I tried everywhere, and didn't manage to get my answers. I'm almost giving up.

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