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Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Wed Apr 27 18:04:11 GMT 2005

No, I don't. But I do know that Samba provides transparent file access -- it
has no idea what data is in the files it offers to the clients. It could be
a database, a JPEG, a text document, or an executable program. What you
suggest would be an extremely bad idea.  You need better clients -- it is
the clients that interpret the contents of the file. Samba is just another
file access method.

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responses at the list archives. See http://lists.samba.org for details.


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Hi Paul,

I'm trying to set up a samba envirment beetwen a PC (Windows 2000) and a
server (UNIX solaris 9.0). When a user is copying a text file, Samba should
use ASCII when the file is copied so the file will only have LF (LineFeed)
when the file is copied to the server. When the user is copy from UNIX to PC
the file will have both CR (CarragieReturn) and LF.

When images are copied, samba should use Binary mode.

Do you know how I shall do to make this work?

Best Regards!

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