[Samba] NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE after a while

Jean-Baptiste Estival jb.estival at shaktiware.fr
Wed Apr 27 09:19:27 GMT 2005

I wanted to say

But, previously established connections still work until they are closed.

I've got a bad english :-(

Denis Vlasenko a écrit :

>On Wednesday 27 April 2005 11:53, Jean-Baptiste Estival wrote:
>>Hello everybody,
>>we have a simple file server running samba. (no ldap, etc).
>>The samba version is 3.0.11 running on fedora core1.
>>We access it from NT4 (TSE + Citrix), XP, Win9X and Linux.
>>When we start smbd, all works fine, everybody can conntect to the file 
>>to mount the shares without any problems.
>>After a while, nobody can connect to the server, smbd always answer 
>>But, previously established connections still work since they are closed.
>Are you saying that closed connections continue to work?


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