[Samba] x86_64 fedora 2-3 rpmbuild

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Apr 26 23:03:45 GMT 2005

Charles Weber wrote:
> When I try to compile samba.org 3.0.10-14a rpms on Fedora Core 2 and 3
> x86_64, I get the following errors. The missing files are in
> /var/tmp/samba-3.0.14a-root/usr/lib/samba/ and there are just 2 files
> in lib64.
> So what is the secret incantation here?

It's a broken specfile on x64.  Someone reported it to me a while
ago but I haven't gotten around to looking at the patch yet.
I'll try to look at it later this week.

cheers, jerry
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