[Samba] Samba connection problem

xiaoqin_qiu at agilent.com xiaoqin_qiu at agilent.com
Tue Apr 26 18:07:13 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,

This is a repost because I really want to see if anyone can help me on this.

One Windows 2000 laptop in our site is experiencing a strange samba connection problem. 

We have done some tests on this machine, here is how to reproduce the problem:

1) Start laptop connecting to our company network
2) Map the samba share from samba server and it works fine
3) Put laptop into standby but keep connecting to our company network
4) Return from standby and samba share can be remapped smoothly
5) Put laptop into standby again and disconnected from company network
6) Return from standby and samba share can not be remapped (of course because it is not in our company network)
7) Put laptop into standby again when it is not connected to the company network
8) Connect machine into our company network 
9) Return from standby and Samba share can NOT be remapped although other Windows shares mapping from other company Windows file servers can be remapped successfully.

The error was: The network path \\<sambaserver>\<sambashare> could not be found

And there was no log entry on samba server logged for this connection attempt.

Then at this point, if we reboot this laptop, the Samba share can be reconnected with no problem.

I checked the machine when it had problem mapping the samba share, there was no DNS problem to resolve the hostname/IP. And this machine is using DHCP.

This problem does not happen on my laptop installed with the same OS and going through the above sequence and for the same samba share.

The samba server is running on HP-UX 11i and samba version is 3.0.5.

Is there anyone experienced similar problem and can provide some suggestions? And what should I check to figure out the cause of the problem (for example, maybe some services should be restarted)?

Thank you very much for your help!

Xiaoqin Qiu
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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