[Samba] problem with foxpor adir function under win'98

Mesterhazy Attila mester at freemail.hu
Tue Apr 26 12:00:36 GMT 2005


we use samba as fileserver. i always download and install
the newest version of it to keep the system up-to-date. but
now i have a problem. i've updated to 3.0.14a. after it i
can not start an old DOS program, because it sais a
directory does'n exist. i tried to start it under win'98.
under windows xp it had no problem and started.
i consulted with the programmer and he said that it seems
fox pro's adir function returns wrong value under windows'98.
so i've downgraded my samba to 3.0.10 and now the program
runs fine under both windows'98 and windows xp.
is it a known bug or maybe i have to set something in the
samba.cfg file?

Attila Mesterhazy

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