[Samba] Re: Mapping roaming users to local XP groups

Jim C. jcllings at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:11:29 GMT 2005

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> Hi,
> I have setup a network with: samba 2.2.7a on RedHat 9 and Windows XP
> Client,
> all using roaming profiles.
> All if working ok.
> My question is, how do I configure that certain users to be in the
> Administrator
> group of all PCs?
> Or how do I put some users to be in the Backup/LimitedUsers/etc builtin
> groups
> the Windows XP Clients? How do I do this user to Windows XP groups mapping?

The standard way is to go to the console and simply add the user to the
group.  This is a pain though.  A logon script that does the following
would be best, in my humble opinion:

1. Checks to see if the user belongs to group X.
2. If not, then add that user to group X.

Problem: How does one do this without having to use a password?

Jim C.
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