[Samba] Adding a Windows Server down the road

Aaron Butters ab at techeez.com
Mon Apr 25 18:47:30 GMT 2005

I should probably start a new thread as my question is slightly different, 
however there are enough similarities :)

I've tried to follow your instructions here as they match up perfectly with 
what I am trying to accomplish, which is to migrate users and most 
importantly locally stored user profiles, from a Samba v2.x server that I 
have had no involvement with. To a SBS2003 active directory domain 
controller.  My problem is that when I try to run the ADMT and test migrate 
users I get the following error:

The network path was not found. (Error code=53, domain=sambadomainname)

Couple of unknowns for me... I'm not sure of the setup of the samba 
server... It appears to me that it may not have been fully setup as a 
domain controller?  Also I'm wondering if the ADMT only works when 
migrating from Samba V3?

I've tried to using nbtstat on the SBS2003 server and nmblookup on the 
samba server to verify that each of them can see the other domain, and it 
appears that they can...  Not sure what other information to add.

Thanks in advance for any help! (Which of course is greatly appreciated!)

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