[Samba] Description of LDAP-attribute sambaSIDList

Daniel Wilson daniel.wilson at sunderland.ac.uk
Mon Apr 25 13:50:03 GMT 2005

Thanks Tony, that really helped! :)

By syntax i mean something like this (openLDAP schema...but i need a 
version for sun Directory Server 5.2).....

attributeTypes: ( NAME 'sambaLMPassword' DESC 
'LanManager Password' EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match S
defined' )

....i dont have an attribute called sambaSIDList...

By the way what is GQ? i have created my own perl scripts to do the 
things i want, have made into a nice webpage for our admin team to use! :)


Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Daniel Wilson wrote:
>> So does this mean that everyone for example in GroupA could then also 
>> be a member of GroupB if you added GroupA's SID into GroupB's 
>> sambaSIDList...if so this would help us out soooo much as then we dont 
>> need to keep adding people into multiple groups!
> Yes, it does mean that. But this has also (always) been possible with 
> Posix groups (a group can be a member of another group), for Unix/Linux 
> groups. In this case, Hallvor Engen is saying that for Windows groups it 
> can be done with group SIDs. I do it for OpenLDAP with Posix groups and 
> MemberUid instead for Samba and that works just as well - where there's 
> already a Posix group..
>> could you give me the syntax so i can update my schema file (were 
>> using Sun Directory Server 5.2 as our LDAP backend...)
> I'm not sure what you mean by "syntax".  A group-mapping for the Posix 
> group domadm might look like:
> dn: cn=domadm,ou=groups,ou=smb,dc=billy,dc=demon,dc=nl
> memberUid: Administrator
> memberUid: root
> memberUid: billy
> memberUid: tonni
> description: Local Unix group
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: posixGroup
> objectClass: uidObject
> objectClass: sambaGroupMapping
> uid: domadm
> cn: domadm
> sambaGroupType: 2
> sambaSID: S-1-5-21-18666911-1472750480-3707222013-512
> gidNumber: 5004
> displayName: Domain Admins
> sambaSIDList: S-1-5-21-18666911-1472750480-3707222013-3001
> where the value for the multi-value attribute sambaSIDList (there can be 
> more than one attribute with different values) might be the SID for the 
> Windows group "Administrative Staff". That might be a pure Windows group 
> and not be present as a Posix group.
> This ldif (in the form above) would most probably not be possible to 
> generate on sites using the idealx scrips; I don't. And everybody would 
> be far better off if they got and compiled GQ and played around with it, 
> then they'd see this for themselves ;).
> --Tonni

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