[Samba] winbind + ldap uid/gid consistency woes.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Apr 25 12:56:04 GMT 2005

Matt Sellers wrote:
> Hello all...
> Im trying to fix a idmap setup with winbind where the idmaps are
> stored in openldap.  We have had this system working before, but it
> managed to break :-)  All systems running Samba (3.0.13 on FC2)
> This seems like a cache consistency problem between the systems so can
> anybody give me a good idea of how to troubleshoot this?  Ive tried
> greping the tdb files looking for clues and using tdbtool but I dont
> think im getting myself anywhere.   All suggestions appreciated.

when using 'idmap backend = ldap', winbindd_idmap.tdb should be
a permanent cache file only.  You should be able to remove
those and winbindd will repopulate it from the directory server.

cheers, jerry
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