[Samba] smb ports feedback

FitzGerald, AJ AFitzgerald at FiveMileCapital.com
Fri Apr 22 20:15:52 GMT 2005

So that is were the getpeername's have been coming from.  I have been
trying to find a way to get rid of those and find what was generating
them.  But it appears we have a conflict where it will impact SP1 or
not.  As we have not updated to SP2 that could be a potential problem
for us.

AJ FitzGerald
Five Mile Capital
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On Friday April 22 2005 4:01 pm, Alan Munday wrote:
> Having read a few posts recently I thought I would do some testing.
> Given XP's use of 445 and that I have a couple of networks where they
> have XP clients, I thought I would try setting smb ports to 445 only
> than that suggested of just specifying 139.
> This has worked well for XP clients with SP2.
> However SP1, and presumably pre-SP1 clients, lose all sight of the NBT
> network. Indeed they report an RPC error on start-up.
> Alan

Hmmm.  I also configured "smb ports = 445".  That has gotten rid of
annoying "getpeername failed" errors, and my mix of XP SP1 and SP2
have had no problems.

Is there a "correct" or "preferred" setting, or is just "whatever

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