[Samba] Samba AD Groups

FitzGerald, AJ AFitzgerald at FiveMileCapital.com
Fri Apr 22 18:38:50 GMT 2005

Hey All,

    I have successfully been able to integrate AD authentication into
Samba, but today I came across and unusual problem.  First I should
mention I am using NT ACL support and setting up the ACL's on the Linux
box.  The problem I have is Samba/Winbind will correctly recognize and
authenticate some AD groups I have set up but there a some it will not.
The AD groups have been setup as Security and not Distribution, one of
the first things I check.  I also ran wbinfo -g and all the groups are
listed.  But as soon as I try to use a handful of groups in particular
either under "valid users" in the smb.conf or in an ACL they just don't
work.  If I swap them out with other groups, it works as it should.  I
have compared the groups in AD and they are identical.  I also created a
few test groups and have the same result.  The only major difference I
can think of is how old the groups are.  Meaning the older AD groups
work fine but any new ones I create don't.  At this point I am going in
circles and can't figure out why some work and some don't.  And yes I
made sure I was a member of all the groups used to assure I could mount
or access the share.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.




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