[Samba] Re: Samba Server [Solaris 8] on Windows 2K/2003 [ADS] network

Eric Boehm boehm at nortel.com
Fri Apr 22 17:47:32 GMT 2005

On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 10:03:46AM -0500, TimS wrote:
>>>>>> "Tim" == TimS  <tim.smith at msdh.state.ms.us> writes:


    Tim> Thanks for taking pity... :-) This is great news! I knew from
    Tim> the reading I've done that the ADS features code was put into
    Tim> Samba 3; but what I didn't pick up on is that it would work
    Tim> whether the Samba server is on the Windows domain or not.

Yes, you do have to create a machine account for the Samba server in
the Windows domain in order for security = domain to work. However,
Active Directory domain controllers will talk to the Samba
server. You may have to have your domain admins check a box that says
something like 

Allow pre-Windows 2000 authentication 

when they create the machine account.

    Tim> Our Solaris box has two network adapters, one RJ-45 and one
    Tim> fiber, but but we can only use the RJ-45 connection due to
    Tim> the powers-that-be nixing our request to drop a line for the
    Tim> fiber connection -- even though There is a vacant fiber
    Tim> plug-in on the switch.

    Tim> However..., we also have a Linux Box [RedHat 9] in our
    Tim> unit. Couldn't we upgrade the Samba installation on it
    Tim> [...come to think of it, one of our other guys just rebuilt
    Tim> that box a few weeks ago, and I don't know for sure which
    Tim> Samba release is on it now...] and do the testing there?
You certainly could. BTW, I forgot to mention that you could also use
Samba 2.2.8a in your environment if you couldn't find a binary for
Samba 3. Samba 2.x can work in an ADS environment -- we're using
2.2.8a with a Native Active Directory environment.

    Tim> Speaking of that, can you tell me off the top of your head
    Tim> the quickest way to determine which Samba release is
    Tim> currently running on the Linux box?

/path/to/smbd -V -- e.g., /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd -V

As a side note, I made a presentation about setting up Samba
(including building it) with ClearCase. However, the material is
applicable even if you aren't using ClearCase.

You can find it at


If you follow the link at the right hand side that says "Related
Presentation Files"


you can download the presentation and related templates and the web
site that I developed and that the presentation is based on. Again,
much of the material is applicable even if you aren't using
ClearCase. You can browse the web files through the filesystem -- you
don't need a web server. Any browser will work.

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