[Samba] Samba Server [Solaris 8] on Windows 2K/2003 [ADS] network

Eric Boehm boehm at nortel.com
Fri Apr 22 14:18:34 GMT 2005

On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 08:22:14AM -0500, TimS wrote:
>>>>> "Tim" == TimS  <tim.smith at msdh.state.ms.us> writes:

    Tim> ALL: Please forgive my ignorance. I am not just naive
    Tim> regarding Samba..., or Solaris..., or UNIX, or Windows
    Tim> Networking..., the naivity courses through my veins
    Tim> abundantly in all IT related matters. :-)

    Tim> Our work unit is the lone UNIX [Samba server 2.2 on Solaris
    Tim> 8] installation on the organizational Windows WAN. None of
    Tim> the analysts in our unit have domain admin rights. The sys
    Tim> manager in our unit [my boss] has steadfastly refused to add
    Tim> our UNIX [Samba] server to the windows domain.

    Tim> Password synchronization has been a thorn in our side from
    Tim> day one. A SSO solution is the ultimate, but from what I'm
    Tim> reading, that isn't possible unless/until our Samba server is
    Tim> added to the domain.

    Tim> QUESTIONS: -Would upgrading to the lastest Samba release help
    Tim> at all on this issue?  -I don't see a binary available at the
    Tim> Samba download site for Solaris 8.  Our SysMgr could

You just need Samba 3.

    Tim> certainly do the upgrade without the binary, but I have not
    Tim> ever done the make/build routine before. 

That could be tricky. I've built Samba 3 with kerberos and ldap and
the various components needs for ADS but it is decidedly non-trivial.

However, you don't need to use 'security = ads' to participate. You
can use just 'security = domain' which would be a plain vanilla
build. We have several servers participating in an ADS network with
'security=domain'. You would then be able to pass authentication
through to the Windows domain controllers.

    Tim>  -Is it possible to
    Tim> set up a test environment for the new Samba release in
    Tim> another location on the same UNIX box?

Not sure what you mean here. Do you mean you want to separate Samba
installs on the same box? If so, you would need at least two network
interfaces. You can't run two instances of Samba on the same
interface/IP address.

I hope this helps.

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