[Samba] transactions

javier at alkimia.com.py javier at alkimia.com.py
Thu Apr 21 07:55:21 GMT 2005

Hi, I have a question about samba3 internals.

 I want to know if samba does support what I call transactions (though I
could be wrong)

I need that a client either finish writing what it was meant to or not

The problem is that I have a samba on a place where there is a very old
accounting system writen in Cobol. Many instances of the program uses some
kind of ISAM to access records in the samba server.

Sometimes those clients dont finish writing what they are supposed to write.
The "database" loose its consistency and the whole thing goes down.

A solution could be that if a client makes a lock in a file and start
writing  to it. Samba could buffer this information and only write to the
file if the client unlock the file. That is what I call transactions.

Thanks a lot.


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