[Samba] Re: Re: How is this possible lol?

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Thu Apr 21 07:06:52 GMT 2005

Hmm.. dunno i thought wins uses the same port (139 & 445) as smbd
try to set a little higher debug level, maybe the log's will reveal some 
more input for you..

boot wrote:
> Hi Collen.
> The resolver order is wins lmhosts bcast. I am not using lmhosts. Perhaps I 
> shuold change with to bcast wins lmhosts but I'm not sure how this would 
> help, I imagine this is simply a preferred order for resolution.
> I am not using remote announce and/or remote browse sync although I did try 
> them to no avail. My understadning is that these are not necessary and 
> should only be used for troubleshooting. As per the logs, the announcements 
> and sync attempts on all subnets do occur it's just that there are 0 records 
> returned.

well don't you need troubleshooting at this point, in my understanding 
it ain't working.. ?  (-;

> Wins.dat does indeed contain all the computers but browse.dat on each box 
> only contains the computers on that particular subnet.
> You are the only one responding :(
> Maybe this is an IPSEC / firewall issue but I dont know how to check...
you could try yo disable the firewall for a short testing period, to see 
if it make anny difference.
did you open the right ports ?? (445 & 139 both way's)

good luck.


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