[Samba] Samba 3.0.9 on RHEL 3.0

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Wed Apr 20 21:25:55 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 14:29, Nikiciuk, Jarek wrote:
> All,
> Smbpasswd -j DOMAIN is no longer the way to join a Windows domain


> instead one needs to use net join. However, net utility, although it's a
> part of Samba release, 

Correct again.

> is not present on the system. Samba was installed 
> using rpm packages. Here is what's on the system:

Well gollie! Maybe you could just install the RPM file that does contain it. 
Sure the packager would have built an RPM that has a file as essential as the 
'net' utility in it. You will have to find it on your CDRom, or wherever it 

> samba-3.0.9-1.3E.1
> samba-common-3.0.9-1.3E.1
> samba-swat-3.0.9-1.3E.1
> Any thoughts?

If the RPMs you are using were created by Red Hat I would recommend that you 
contact them if you can not find the 'net' utility.

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