[Samba] include smb.conf.%m

Tatar Kolos kolos at archidata.hu
Wed Apr 20 14:49:03 GMT 2005

> | Now I'm no Microsoft networking expert, but is it possible, that these
> | machines don't use NetBIOS at all? If they don't, can Samba handle that
> | transparently?
> The problem I think is that you are trying to include the file
> before the NTLMSSP session setup.  Until this happens we can't
> get the machine name when the client connects over port 445.
> You can set 'smb ports = 139' to force a netbios session.

Thank you very much for the idea, that solved it.

It seems that by default WindowsXP clients take either port 139 or port 
445 at random (most of the time port 445). When they use port 139, the 
netbios name resolution works fine, but when 445 is used, it doesn't work 
for the reason you've said. This looks like either a problem with the 
protocol or an issue which in samba needs to be handled.

If I specified 'smb ports = 139', all the include statements worked fine, 
even the logging problem was overcome.

So thank you very much again.

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