[Samba] the desktop.ini incident again

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Wed Apr 20 14:01:47 GMT 2005

o btw, i forgot..

notepad popup when logon, is the fact that the desktop.ini is in your 
startup folder..
so remove it from the userprofile, and the allusers profile
(start menu\programs\starup\ (within windows))

sorry for the extra post..

Paul Gienger wrote:
>> I also have the problem that the notepad pops up (with desktop.ini
>> opened), everytime I logon.
>> I know the workaround that was mentioned a thousand times before:
>> hide files = /desktop.ini/ntuser.ini/NTUSER.*/
> Wasn't the workaround actually to do a
> veto files = /desktop.ini/
> The few mentions I found were to that effect, although my syntax could 
> be wrong.

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