[Samba] Workgroup naming question

dijuremo at math.gatech.edu dijuremo at math.gatech.edu
Wed Apr 20 14:02:18 GMT 2005


I have setup a samba server with ldap backend running on RHEL4 with the
stock rpms.

[# rpm -qa | grep samba

My clients (windows xp) join the domain just fine, and I can copy files to
the server with no problem.  However, sometimes saving files is slow. 
Other times openning the files is slow. I have remapped the My Documents
folder to the users home directory on the server.  so My documents points
to H:\My Documents (H is their home directory shared through the [homes]
share).  If a user double clicks on the "My documents" folder, then it
takes a few seconds to open, then it finally opens.  If they close it and
try reopening it right away, then it opens instantaneously.  But if you
wait a few minutes with the folder closed and try to open it again then it
takes a few seconds to open again.

The netbios name of the machine is ibbstaff and it has a dns entry
ibbstaff.ibb.gatech.edu.  Now, I think that I may have screwed up in the
WORKGROUP name.  I sort of wanted to follow the MS forest naming convention
(even though I don't have any real windows servers) and made the WORKGROUP
name: IBB.GATECH.EDU (which does not resolve to any ip).  Is it possible
that setting the workgroup like that is creating the problems when clients
try to connect to the shares?

I already have the server in production and had moved people to it, but I do
not want to move anyone else until I figure this problem out.  I also had to
disable oplocks because saving excel  files was too slow.

All windows xp clients use the samba as the wins server.


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