[Samba] Client Shares

Nathaniel B. Jayme nbjayme at inbox.lv
Wed Apr 20 13:05:53 GMT 2005

Samba is too technical for a guy like me.  I find it hard to configure
my standalone samba server to respect the SAMBA PDC.  From the
documentation i need to install winbind and all those highly technical
things.  I hope we can make things simple guys!

Our Setup:

  Samba Server PDC

Clients:  Win9x, WinXP, Linux

I'm on a linux machine.  I hope I could share and specify a valid user
without necessarily adding it to smbpasswd or passwd. (Please exclude
winbind. I have enough headache alone understanding different security

What do I mean by this. . .

---- smb.conf (if feature is available) ----

password server= <ip of DC or DC machine name>

comment=my restricted share
path = /home/nixuser/restricted

valid users=allan mike
# mike and alice are username in PDC/DC 
# does not need to exists in smbpasswd or passwd
# samba will check username and password at DC for validation

force user= nixuser
# this will then map the non-local user allan and mike to
# local user nixuser

No need to be domain member.  No need to install winbind, another cache
may be set up to sync with PDC/DC.  Less headache, less complications.

For a gui fields will be:

   Security Type:	"DC"
   DC  Name:		<ip or dc machine name>
   Path to Share:	/home/nixuser/restricted
   DC Clients: 		allan, mike
   System Rights: 	nixuser

Things would be much easier for clients to create shares - One strong
points of Windows.  
There could already be an easy solution though that I don't know, and I
could be wrong.  Please advise me.  thanks in advance.

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