[Samba] Compiling Error

Gorb, Andrew AGorb at cpg.org
Tue Apr 19 20:10:59 GMT 2005

I was wondering if it be possible to get some clue as to what is causing
the following error during the compiling of samba source on the MacOSX
Server 10.3.8



Samba source 3.0.13


OS - MacOSX 10.3.8


Configure with the following:



 ./configure --with-ads  --with-quotas --with-utmp --with-winbind
--with-ldapsam --with-ldap --with-vfs-afsacl --disable-cups


configuration runs fine.


I get this error when run make:


Using FLAGS =  -g -O2 -I./popt -Iinclude
-I/Users/admin/Desktop/samba-3.0.13/source/smbwrapper  -I. -I/sw/include

      LIBS = -lresolv -ldl -liconv

      LDSHFLAGS = -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress  -L/sw/lib

      LDFLAGS = -L/sw/lib

Compiling dynconfig.c

Compiling smbd/vfs.c

Compiling passdb/pdb_interface.c

Compiling lib/iconv.c

lib/iconv.c: In function `sys_iconv':

lib/iconv.c:139: warning: passing arg 2 of `libiconv' from incompatible
pointer type

Compiling auth/auth.c

Compiling smbd/build_options.c

Compiling smbd/server.c

Linking bin/smbd

ld: Undefined symbols:




make: *** [bin/smbd] Error 1


Thank you very much for your help.


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