[Samba] XP client has Samba 2 shares 'taken over' by Samba 3 share

Michael Evans michael at togawasmith.com
Tue Apr 19 19:46:02 GMT 2005

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I've browsed the list but I haven't seen an issue like this one:

We have 3 Linux boxes with Samba shares. 2 of them are SuSE 9.0 
Professional with Samba 2.2.8, and one has SuSE Open Enterprise Server 9 
with Samba 3.x. These are setup as a workgroup, not a domain.

The two 2.2.8 boxes have shares that allow guest access, but the 3.x 
box, to which we want to transition as our main server, requires users 
to authenticate.

The clients are a mixture of Windows 2K and XP Pro. On all the clients 
except one XP Pro box, everything works as expected. But on that box, 
while all 3 Samba computers show up, by name, in the workgroup in 
Network Neighborhood, they all show only the shares on the Samba 3.x 
computer. The shares on the Samba 2.x computers are invisible, and if 
those share names are typed in to the "Map Network Drive" dialog, the 
"network path not found" error comes up. Not only that, but upon 
rebooting, the XP user is never asked for a user id or password, and 
more shares than should be shown on the 3.x box appear - he is able to 
see the home folders for every other user on the system.

At one point, when testing my Samba 3.x configuration, I did log in on 
this XP box as "root" as I had not added the other users yet to the 
'smbpasswd' database. It seems as though that XP box has somehow cached 
root's password, connects silently every time to the Samba 3.x box, and 
ignores the shares on the other Samba boxes.

Has anyone had an experience like this? Does anyone know how to get this 
XP box to behave like all the others?


Michael Evans
Togawa & Smith, Inc.

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