[Samba] quick samba setup question: File permissions, user and group

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Tue Apr 19 16:29:56 GMT 2005

Just a question really I was hoping to have verified.

I'm setting up a samba server here (nothing terribly fancy.) However, 
one of the requirements is that i need to ensure that the following 
things are kept when a new file is uploaded to this share:

-specific owner is assigned to the file
-specific group is assigned to the file
-specific permissions are assigned to the file.

I was flipping through my Samba Pocket reference, and saw the following.

create mask = for permissions on new files placed in share
force group = sets group on new files
force user = sets owner on new files

Just wanted to double check, see if this would be ok. Unless there is 
something better, this is the way I was going to do it.

I appreciate it.


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