[Samba] Printer down - completed jobs still in queue - NT_STATUS_DRIVE_FULL

D Schumann trask768 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 16:00:50 GMT 2005

My completed print jobs are still showing up in samba's print queue. It
recently caused a printer to go down. Any help would be appreciated.

A little background:

I am using samba version 3.0.10 and cups version 1.1.23-r1 on gentoo.
This problem has occured with several different samba and cups

relavant smb.conf lines:
printcap name = cups
printing = cups
printcap cache time = 300
printer admin = @sambaadmin

1. Jobs remain in the samba queue after they have completed. The cups
queue is working fine, it moves the jobs over to the 'completed print
jobs' list.

2. The problem is the same regardless of client platform. XP users see
the completed jobs still in the queue, as does the linux command line
'smbclient //odin/laserjet -c "queue"'.

3. The problem is the same regardless of printers. The one that crashed
was the busiest printer - so it's queue filled up the fastest.

4. When the printer crashed, I got a "printer failed to start" or
"could not start print job" error from XP client. I tried to manually
print from linux - smbclient //odin/laserjet -c 'put file' - and
received a NT_STATUS_DRIVE_FULL error.

5. The printer is fairly busy - it had 284 jobs at the time it crashed.
They were all completed jobs and were not being listed in the cups
queue listing.

6. To get it back up, I had to manually delete all the jobs in the
queue. Once that happened, everything worked OK (for now).

7. Samba seems to keep 26 days of jobs in the queue and then drops them
off the list.

8. This problem will happen again if I can't figure out how to make
samba's queue listing behave!

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