nrptiners.tdb and upgrades [was Re: [Samba] Can't Install Samba 3.0.14a]

Paul Gienger pgienger at
Tue Apr 19 13:33:09 GMT 2005

> Paul Gienger wrote:
> | That being said, every time I've done an upgrade on a
> | linux box my  printer drivers have needed rebuilding
> | even after backing up tdb files,  etc.  FWIW.  Everything
> | else has gone fine however.
> Paul,
> This should not be happening.  The nt*tdb files have not
> changed in format in a long time.  Can you give me some
> details for reproducing this?

Saying 'every time' may have been a lot overstated.  Now that I remember 
exactly the situation, it was upgrading a particular FC2 machine from 
maybe something in the 3.0.9 era to 3.0.11 but another FC2 box worked 
fine.  That machine (or really the users of it) causes me enough 
problems that it seems like when it breaks that the world stops turning 
though ;)

I'll see what happens on the .14 upgrade, hopefully tonight, and check 
in again.

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