[Samba] Regarding multiple writes to a file in samba server

Sanjay Darisi darisisanjay at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 08:53:21 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I have samba server in the following scenario:

Samba server sits on IBM AIX 5.1 and serves some
shares. There are almost 100 users configured to use
these shares, with security=user option. Accessing
these shares works fine. Now, the problem comes when
updating files. I've tested with a database file
(codebase database). If more than one user tries to
update a record in that file, all the users programs
freeze. I've oplocks=no in the smb.conf Btw, these
users login thru citrix on a set of 5 WIN2K and 1
WIN2K3 servers. When the user starts the program, it
maps this samba share as a drive and the database
program runs from that drive.

My smb.conf is a simple 10 line conf file that sets
the workgroup name, server string and describe this
share. It is as simple as that. 

How to solve this??? Apparently, only one user can
update at any moment. We had IBM's FastConnect before
this and it used to work. We have switched to samba
and never got this to work. Btw, we have samba-3.0.10 

Do I have to disable oplocks on the clients too (in
our case the win2k and win2k3 servers)??? 

I'd appreciate quick response.


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