[Samba] Samba-3, quota problem

Carmen Wai carmen_wai at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 03:24:34 GMT 2005


I have set up a PDC using samba-3.0.11 and set quota
(2M for testing) on the /home partition for each user.
I get 2 problems:

When my clients login their NT workstations, they can
copy files to their corresponding home directory. Once
they reach the quota limit, if they copy a large file
(like 10KB) to the home directory, a warning message
is prompted and ask the user to remove some files
before copying file to it. However, when the user copy
a small file (like 1-2KB) to the home directory, NO
warning message is prompted. The new file exists in
the directory, but the content is rubbish (all

Also on the Windows NT machine, the size/ space left
for the user home directory show the entire partition
size, how can I limit it to show the corresponding
user quota limit only??

Do I need to have extra setting in the smb.conf for
the quota setting?? Currently, I don't set anything
about quota on the smb.conf file.

Thanks a lot!

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