[Samba] linux client accessing Samba domain

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Tue Apr 19 00:12:32 GMT 2005

This is part of an old thread from 31/12/04 that I participated in.  It's
along the lines of what you have already been advised.  A bit more googling
would have found it for you.  BTW these questions should really go to the
linux.cifs mailing list:



If you wish to automount shares when you login, you can try pam_mount. It
should be a package on the mdk 10.1 CDs. You can set it to mount windows
cifs and smb shares to your mandrake box. It's possible because Linux
supports pluggable auth

I used it along with winbind auth to mount all my windows shares from
servers at work to my Linux mandrake workstation (laptop) When ever I ssh'd
in, the shares mounted. It can be set to mount based on preferred
authentication system (local password file, winbind, nis, etc) and
protocol. ie. mount windows shares if you login via ssh, or even if you
login through the kde desktop (warning: kde requires special files relocated
when mounting home directories).

Having said that and seeing as how you are new, I believe Geoff's solution
is a much easier way to go. You may however wish to read up on pam_mount

For more info do a google on pam_mount



Regards Geoff Scott

Geoff Scott writes: 

> What about NFS?
unsecure (some users need root on their linux clients) 

I know, that this calls for AFS, but the most users are on windows and I
don't want an other fileserver type currently.

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