[Samba] getent passwd/group not returning AD users password

M Maki mmaki at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 18 17:02:43 GMT 2005

> wbinfo -u/-g give me my samba users and
> groups,but when i run getent passwd or group, i do not see the domain
> users and groups there! 

make sure nsswitch.conf is configured properly by adding winbind

passwd:     files winbind
shadow:     files 
group:      files winbind

and smb.conf includes
winbind enum users = yes 
winbind enum groups = yes

> I followed the instructions to the letter in
> Chapter 10 of the Samba-Guide, just modifying its example smb.conf to
> fit my domain information, and editing my krb5 config file as well.

Be sure to look at Ch. 22

Good Luck!


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