[Samba] Linux Users execute 'login scripts'

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Mon Apr 18 15:02:14 GMT 2005


i don't know a "groupmember" option for pam_mount

quick shot:

- automatically mount a share (e.g. netlogon_for_linux) after user logs in
- execute a bash script (via .bashrc), which is located on this 
"netlogon_for_linux" share

in the bash script you can insert whatever you want to check whether 
it's a member of a group or not...


Bruno Tobias Stella wrote:
> Before, thanks Michael !
>   But, If I use pam_mount, I (think) don't have a way to execute 'login scripts', for
> example, mapping shareds for different LDAP groups. Is there a way to execute these 'login
> scripts' using pam_mount ?
>   Thanks again !!!

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