[Samba] getent passwd/group not returning AD users password information on RH9 Samba AD Member Server

Shina Owolabi shinacalypse at hotpop.com
Mon Apr 18 06:39:21 GMT 2005

My goal -
 Single Sign On (quite lofty, hmmm?) between my Win2K AD Domain
Controller, which holds all the  user accounts information, and my RH9
internet gateway/mail server which uses qmail as MTA. I also want to
achieve having users in a remote office (several states away) to have
the same domain controls applied to them - i want to deploy Samba on as
a  Domain Member Server. I would like to use qmail-ldap to using the
same LDAP store as samba for its User information. (I'd probably live
longer with my mouth shut in the office). I also want to be able to map
home folders,account information for any user regardless of which office
he/she is (roaming profiles, i believe?).I need two samba member
servers, one to use samba's backend for email account information,
enabling me to (hopefully) add users on the fly, and the other samba
server to map all the Domain Users home folders, etc in the remote
location office. 

My test bed -
I use a RH9 machine into which i have installed
samba-3.0.12-1rh9.i386.rpm, after uninstalling all the stock samba packages it came
with.With my trusty Samba-Guide and Samba-HOWTO,
i proceeded to join the test machine to my AD domain. This is without
and special ldap backend yet-- just using winbindd, pam and nsswitch (im
just following directions). 
wbinfo -u/-g give me my samba users and
groups,but when i run getent passwd or group, i do not see the domain
users and groups there! I followed the instructions to the letter in
Chapter 10 of the Samba-Guide, just modifying its example smb.conf to
fit my domain information, and editing my krb5 config file as well.

Umm - i guess i must have blown my cover as a dad-blasted newbie who's
looking for someone to do his work for him, but i'd really appreciate it
if someone would (sob,sniff) have mercy on my idiot frame and bestow the
information i need to achieve this,if someone HAS done this before.
I also tried to follow Carl Weiss's instructions up to a point, but i
dont necessarily need a Samba PDC here ( i think) and I find getting to
his homepage impossible.. So .... if any one would be SO kind....


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