[Samba] Weird things after Samba PDC has been migrated onto another host

Denis Zaitsev zzz at anda.ru
Sun Apr 17 21:58:58 GMT 2005

I've moved Samba PDC from one host to another.  All the things are the
same, except that the new host have the other network interfaces
configured (2 at all, 1 is used by Sabma) and the other hostname (so,
now Samba has the other netbios name too).  /etc/passwd is migrated,
as well as the content of /var/lib/samba, /var/cache/samba,
/var/run/sumba etc.

And after that a client (XP SP1) behaves strange.  It sees the PDC and
can logon into the domain.  It sees a list of shares from the PDC.
But it doesn't see the contents of that shares!  Browsing shows just
nothing in that shares.

And one more thing has been changed thru the migration - Samba was of
version 3.0.11 and it's 3.0.14a now.

What the problem can be?

Very thanks in advance.

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