[Samba] Samba client for Win32?

taso ahg4 at aanet.com.au
Sun Apr 17 05:42:25 GMT 2005

On the face of it may sound like a useless thing to have, but a Win32
Samba client does have some merit. It would make the Samba server
safe from sabotage by gratuitous protocol changes, and it opens the
door to making performance improvements.

I see the Samba win32 client sitting alongside whatever MS supply
rather than replacing it, so that an MS client can talk to an MS
server. However, when we have a Samba server, it can talk to an
MS client to the best of its ability as it does now (until MS changes
something), OR it can talk to a Samba Win32 client. With the
Samba team in control of the client and server side, it opens up the
possibility for making performance improvements which can
give Samba an appeal beyond what it currently has. A viable
Win32 Samba client would also alleviate the pressure on the
Samba team when protocol changes appear and on admins to
patch Samba servers.

I don't know if a Win32 Samba client is feasible because I don't
know enough about client-side Win32 networking. Does the list
have any opinions/comments?

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